The Great Grandfather of Rene Stiegler, Sr. was owner of the paddle-wheel steamer “BELLE CREOLE” in the mid 1800’s.  trading between New Orleans and Mobile with cargoes and passengers.


Rene A. Stiegler, Sr., father of Rene A. Stiegler, Jr. and Grandfather of Gary Stiegler, served as Executive Director of the Dock Board at the Port of New Orleans from 1929-1940.  Below are newspaper articles from September, 1929.  He is responsible for getting his son Rene A. Stiegler, Jr. his first job at Kerr Steamship Lines at age 16, prior to joining the U.S. Army.  He returned to work for States Marine Isthmian Lines.


In 1969 Rene Stiegler, Jr. started his own agency when States Marine became Global Bulk Transport and closed its offices.   This was the start of Stiegler Shipping Co., which was later incorporated in 1970 as Stiegler Shipping Co., Inc. 


Global Bulk Transport later became Republic Steel’s Marine Division (Reomar) and was one of Stiegler’s first accounts as agents along with Hellenic Lines, Limited.  Other companies represented included Barber Steamship Lines; Barwil Agencies; Wilhelm Wilhelmsen; Peruvian Amazon Line; CGM French Line; ACL (Atlantic Container Line); Mini Lines; Seagroup, Inc.; Nordana Line; Hachiuma Steamship; Daio Kaiun Ltd.; U.S. Lines, just to name a few.


Gary Stiegler joined Stiegler Shipping Co., Inc. after graduating from college in 1972 and branched out into Forwarding and Chartering.  He presently manages the company,  working with his son Colin Stiegler.   Gary has taken the company forward into the Vessel Operating side with the recent purchase of our own ship

M/V “KINTA S”, which was named after his mother.